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Amphenol Industrial H4 UTX PV Cable Connectors

Amphenol Industrial H4 UTX PV Cable Connectors Amphenol Industrial’s H4 UTX DC connectors are certified to UL6703 1000V, EN50521 1500V Class A, and JET 1500V specifications, enabling entry into all major PV markets worldwide. Utilizing Amphenol’s RADSOK technology, the H4 UTX features contact resistance of just 0.25mΩ and is compatible with existing H4 connectors and other connectors typically used in the PV industry. The connectors accept wire gauges from 14AWG to 8AWG, are UL94 V0 rated, IP68 rated when mated, NEC code compliant, and include a ratcheting gland back nut, preventing backspin once tightened.

Amphenol Industrial Power to Board Connectors

Amphenol Industrial RADSOK PowerBlok power to board connectors deliver up to 70A to the board in a singlepoint connection with a compact footprint. Measuring only 15.7mm x 15.7mm, PowerBlok connectors use a hyperbolic socket design to ensure many points of contact between connectors, reducing failure modes and eliminating burn out. The use of compliant pins allows for press fitting the connectors rather than soldering, and PowerBlok connectors also eliminate threaded fasteners and require no special crimp tools, resulting in lower assembly time and cost.

Amphenol Pcd: We Know Backshells, Introducing AlumaLight

Ideal for Commercial Aerospace applications, AlumaLight is the latest innovation in Amphenol’s Backshell product family. With its unmatched combination of weight, performance, and price, AlumaLight exceeds the performance and functionality of Mil-standards and is more durable than composites with enhanced EMI performance.

AlumaLight also comes in three different product families - Environmental, Strain Relief/EMI RFI, and Band Lock/EMI RFI.

Amphenol RF Process for Crimping RF Connectors to Coaxial Cable

This video shows how Amphenol RF ( technicians Assemble a RF Connector and crimp it to a Coaxial Cable.

Amphenol Standard Cable Assemblies
Avnet's Matt Burns briefly describes the benefits and applications of standard cable assemblies from Amphenol.

Compare Amphenol AT Series with Deutsch DT Series

Looking for a cost effective alternative to the Deutsch DT Series? Try the Amphenol AT Series as a cost savings solution, without sacrificing the integrity of your connection. The AT Series was developed to be completely compatible with the Deutsch DT Series, commonly used in applications such as automotive, military, agricultural, alternative energy, and more. Both brands withstood 100 cycles of engagement and disengagement without electrical or mechanical defects.

Del City proudly offers the Amphenol A series alternative to the Deutsch D Series.

Amphenol MVC Series Assembly Training Video
This video demonstrates the cable assembly process for Amphenol's MVC Series which is used in the mining, tunneling, utility, and shore power industries.