Flir - infrared cameras and thermal imaging systems

Ведущий производитель тепловизоров, тепловизионных камер, различных устройств и периферии для тепловизуального контроля


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The World's Sixth Sense
At FLIR Systems we provide superpower vision, helping people around the world save lives, protect the environment, and enhance productivity. We're building more than innovative technologies; we're striving to build a more sustainable, more efficient, safer future.

FLIR TG165 Imaging IR Thermometer
The FLIR TG165 imaging IR thermometer gives you the advantage of thermal imaging to discover temperature issues you can’t see with a typical spot meter. You’ll work more quickly, and have confidence you didn’t miss something vital.

Introducing FLIR Test & Measurement Instruments

Leveraging our 50 year history as the world's largest supplier of thermal imaging technology to military, government, and commercial customers, FLIR introduces a new line of test & measurement instruments built upon our commitment to innovation, quality, and reliability.

VP50 Non-Contact Voltage Detector
The FLIR VP50 is a tough, CAT IV-rated Non-Contact Voltage Detector featuring a combination of alerts -- tactile vibration and red LED alarms, a powerful LED flashlight, and versatile voltage sensitivities. We engineered the FLIR VP50 to reliably detect voltages on the latest tamperproof outlets and electrical systems installed using modern construction methods.