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Binder Industrial LED Light Bar
Binder has designed and manufactured three different size LED light bars to provide energy efficient light source for your application demands. The lights are constructed with a durable shell and are IP69K rated when mated to a Binder molded connector. A 120 degree angle of illumination is provided and 50,000 hours of reliable light ensures dependable results from the Binder LED light bar. For simple and flexible installation, Binder also provides mounting brackets and power supplies. Power supplies can be hardwired with an inline power converter, or use of an optional 24V AC power converter overmolded to a Binder M12 connector.

Binder 770 IP67 Bayonet Connector
Series 770 is a new connector family featuring an entirely new IP67 rated and touch-proof design. The panel-mount receptacles have an IP67 rating when unmated by covering the contacts with a spring-enforced door.

Binder Bayonet NCC Miniature Connectors (770 Series)

Miniature waterproof circular bayonet connector with unique sealed unmated characteristic on panel receptacle.

One of the most modern introductions from Binder, the Bayonet NCC Miniature is proving very popular on cutting edge applications with its unique characteristics and aesthetic design.

Binder M12 Cable Connector with Crimp Termination
Binder is excited to add its new M12 crimp style cable connectors to its M12 product line. Designed to withstand vibration more effectively than screw and solder terminated connectors, the new crimp connection has a prominent benefit against acute working conditions and high motion applications.

Binder Series 693 Connector
How to assemble the Binder Series 693 screw termination connector.