Harting connectors

Широкий ассортимент оригинальных многопиновых прямоугольных соединителей, промышленных коммутаторов, датчиков, системных кабелей, а также интерфейсных соединителей


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Han-Yellock® is a new product series which retains the core functionality but differs significantly from current size and shape formats.

Harting Han Easy-Hood Connectors

The growing trend in using different and complex cable variants in one connector poses a challenge for professional cable assemblers in regards of technique and pricing. HARTING has developed Han® Easy-Hoods, offering vertically split two-part shells with new assembling possibilities.

The assembly process can now be changed to a more modular production approach.
The interior wiring can be easily managed. All manual movements are changed from axial to vertical processes leading to multiple automation possibilities. The Han® Easy-Hood offers a wide application range with easy access for maintenance.

Harting Han-Eco Connectors

Versatile use, light weight and lower costs. Han-Eco®, the new HARTING connector family with a plastic housing, combines the high processing quality, safety and reliability of the entire HARTING portfolio with an ideal mix from the familiar and highly flexible Han-Modular® system.

Han-Eco® is predestined for applications that do not need the entire range of product features found in the Han® B housing series -- and it simultaneously offers weight and cost advantages.

In addition, a higher contact density to housing size ratio is achieved. Like the Han® B standard series, the Han-Eco® series is available in the sizes 6 B, 10 B, 16 B and 24 B.

Depending on the size, bulkhead-mounted housings and hoods are available with straight and angled cable outlets and metric threads. The entire range of modules from the
Han-Modular® series is available for the Han-Eco® housing.

The special feature: A module has more room in any of the four sizes than in the equivalent counterpart in the Han® B standard series.

HARTING Han® PushPull Signal

The new HARTING PushPull Signal connectors meet the demands of industry for the reliable transmission of energy,

signals and data in all power ranges, consistently and in a uniform connector system.