Samtec - rectangle multipins connectors, cables and optical data-solutions

Широкая линейка многопиновых соединителей, кабелей, оптических решений для коммутации сигналов.


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PCIE Optical Cable

Introducing Samtec's PCIES Series.

Samtec Optical Group Tech Center HD

Samtec is creating connectors of the future to transfer data as fast as possible. Our Optical group engineers are researching to take us from speeds of 10 Gbps to 56 Gbps.

PCIE & Firefly are cutting edge technologies exclusive to Samtec. Discover more about how Samtec is leading the Optical industry in this video.

Samtec Reality App Demo

See first hand the wonder of Samtec's powerful new Reality App!

Samtec Signal Integrity Solutions
Samtec Solder Charge Technology

Samtec SEARAY Connectors utilize Solder Charge Technology to increase the volume of solder in the joint, thereby making a more robust connection.

SkyRay™ High Speed Elevated Arrays

Visual model with specifications and metrics of the SkyRay High Speed Elevated Array.

Z Ray® Compression Hardware

SamTec's Z Ray Compression Hardware is the lowest profile, most dense, and most flexible micro interposer in the industry.

We have developed hardware systems to meet stringent demands, with designs for either dual compression or single compression interposers.