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Weller WX Series Digital Touch-Screen Soldering Stations

Automatic solder feeder

WTSF 80 / WTSF 120 / WXSF 120
With the new selection of single-handed solder wire feeder units, Weller is streaming the art of soldering.
- Efficent one-hand
- Precise solder-feeding system for highest of soldering quality
- Amount of solder can be pre-set for effective soldering
- Several puls and timer modi to control the method of delivery of solder that reaches the soldering tip

Weller FT - Why fume extraction?
Weller WX soldering station - How to make a firmware update

Updating the firmware on the WX soldering station is an easy task.

Download the latest firmware version on www.weller-tools.com and save the data file in the root directory of a USB stick.

Connect the USB stick to the station and the update will be performed automatically. The successful installation is confirmed by an automatic reset of the station.

Weller WXR 3 Rework Station

WXR 3 Rework station -- up to every challenge. Soldering, desoldering, hot air and component pick-up.

Perfect for use in Laboratories and on rework benches. The WXR 3 station comes with all benefits of the WX product family.